Dienstag, 9. März 2010

Lenny Kravitz for ema

Lenny Kravitz for Ema, a realy great artist and photographer: http://oraexacta.blogspot.com/


  1. :)))what a surprise, dieter.. in fact, i was in 2008 on his concert's tour" love revolution"..unfortunetly i lost all my pictures with him..thank you..and a hug back for such a surprise...

  2. oh,so bad.
    this picture, and some more, i taken at a open air concert in munich on munich.
    look to his breath.
    i taken it on juni(06)2004.
    so it was summer...

  3. :))too much smog inside..but great show, as i well remember

  4. This is perfect very creative photo!! I like this cool style ! ;)